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Special Christmas tree and ornaments!

Feel a piece of nature that was created in a traditional way by using manual handicraft skills in harmony with nature. May modern and simple shapes with a tinge of tradition seduce and overwhelm you. Get carried away by the magic of the festive days. Let our products whisper the most beautiful Christmas stories to you.



The Christmas trees are fabricated from top quality wood, human friendly and healthy material, carefully and manually checked, since we want to offer our friends nothing but the best.



Fragrant and sinfully sweet gingerbread cookies, seductive white Idria lace, natural clay and modern glass, manually produced Christmas decorations. Be different and unique.



Get inspired and be carried away to a magnificent Christmas story by our Christmas tree that is friendly to nature and human and by manually produced Christmas decorations.

Xmas3: This is How The Christmas Story Begins
Xmas3: Magic Moments

Simple and elegant design

What happens to your Christmas tree after the holidays?


We're sure you'll want to use the Xmas every year. It’s perfect for both traditionally and modernly furnished homes – or why not use it to bring some festive spirit to your office?

What with its simple and elegant design, there are no limitations when it comes to Christmas ornaments. Whether you choose to decorate it with Christmas balls, handcrafted ornaments or something natural like dried orange slices, your Xmas will look fantastic!

Easy assembly

Setting up the Xmas tree is easy, fast and fun. It’s a cheerful event for the whole family, even your youngest. And the best thing is, you don't need any tools!

Enjoy the smell and feel of the natural wood.