Can you even begin to think about Christmas and New Year without a Christmas tree?

 More and more families, however, are opting for artificial Christmas trees to replace the traditional fir in their homes.

Yet some of us, who are more inclined towards care for the environment and protection of nature, have second thoughts in both cases, whether we choose a natural or permanent tree. Artificial firs are usually made of troublesome plastic, and the natural trees mean that they were cut for no other reason than to indulge our respect for the traditional ways.

 And yet we just can't picture the holidays without the unique magic of the Christmas tree!

 Xmas3 is an original solution that is both nature-friendly, yet it still graces a home with the warmth, the soft smell and the holiday spell. It is an everlasting Christmas tree that may turn into a family treasure to be passed down generations along with the stories and ever increasing gratitude of little fir trees that will have been allowed to grow big.

 Xmas3 is simple and elegant. It is hand-made using top quality wood from majestic Slovenian forests.

Xmas3 has been coated with an environment friendly special layer that gives the surface its pleasant silky feel. It invites all sorts of decoration that inspires everyone's imagination to search for harmony with space or one's mood.

Decoration can be either minimalist or luxurious, but in any case Xmas3 will bring the holiday magic to every home.