Xmas3 wooden Christmas tree Size XS

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Xmas3 is handmade from top quality wood from Slovene forests. It is entirely made from wood without metallic or plastic parts. The product has international copyright protection.

Xmas 3 has been produced in harmony with nature. It brings the warmth, the fragrance and the magic of holidays. The tree will be passed on to future generations as a family heritage and will whisper festive stories to them. The tree will enjoy the gratitude of little trees that will finally get a chance to grow big.

Xmas3 is designed to be re-used many times. You can assemble and disassemble it for many years. It can be stored in a convenient packaging that needs little space for storage.

Decorations on the picture are not included in the price! Have a look at our rich range of decorations.

Material and dimensions:
- Stand and star: spruce
- Trunk and branches: steamed beech
- Number of branches: 8
- Height: 45 cm / 17,72 inch
- Diameter: 27 cm / 10,63 inch
- Weight: 0,27 kg / 0,77 lbs
- Weight of packaged product: 0,35 kg / 1,1 lbs
- Package dimensions (cm): 52,5 X 8,5 X 4,5

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